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Yugoslavia / Kosovo: Emergency aid for displaced from Serbia

From ICRC News 8
The situation in the northern Kosovo town of Mitrovica continues to make headlines. Meanwhile, recent tensions and security incidents in parts of southern Serbia have caused several hundred people to flee into eastern Kosovo.

The ICRC and the local Red Cross are helping to meet the immediate needs of these displaced people. In Gnijlane/Gjilan and Vitina/Viti the ICRC's public kitchens, run by the Netherlands Red Cross, have stepped up their operations so as to provide them with regular meals. The Finnish Red Cross team running the ICRC's health programmes in the two towns is also extending its services to the newcomers.

The local Red Cross has provided clothes and other non-food items, while the ICRC is distributing mattresses, blankets and hygiene sets.

Further information: Nic Sommer, ICRC Pristina, tel.: ++381 38 590 074