UNHCR Serbia Update, 25 September - 1 October 2017

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 01 Oct 2017 View Original


■ In yet another tragic incident, on 26 September, in a village near Kikinda, the police found the body of a young foreign man. It appears as if he planned to irregularly cross into Romania but died from a heart attack.

■ UNHCR and partners continued supporting authorities in protection monitoring, identification and addressing of specific needs, referrals, interpretation, non-food aid, information and counselling, sometimes 24/7 at 23 sites around the country.

■ The number of refugee, asylum-seeking and migrant children attending public primary schools rose to around 450 (including 100 who are schooled inside the Transit Centres of Sombor, Subotica or Kikinda). UNHCR continued supporting this process through the donation of clothes, furniture and other aid.

■ This week, UNHCR and partners observed continued rise of new arrivals, when they encountered 188 new refugees (compared to 147 last week), mostly Yazidi families from Iraq, who reported to have irregularly entered Serbia from Bulgaria.

■ On 01 October, 4,146 new refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants were counted in Serbia, of which 3,808 were housed in 18 governmental centres (please see the below chart and the Joint Assessment of Government Centres and the Serbia Inter-Agency Operational Update July-August 2017.)

■ UNHCR Serbia and partners collected testimonies of 111 collective expulsions from Hungary and 85 from Croatia, with many alleging to have been