Serbia + 8 more

UNHCR Serbia Update, 13 - 15 February 2017



  • The overall number of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants counted in Serbia stood around 7,850. 6,565 (84%) of them were sheltered in 17 winterised government facilities. The rest were sleeping rough in Belgrade city centre or the North.

  • “Serbia is doing all it can do to assist European countries in preventing illegal migration, but is dissatisfied with Europe's lack of common solution to the migration crisis”, media reported Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić as informing Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz on 13 February in Belgrade. "We have fulfilled our obligations in line with what was agreed in Brussels. We haven't used force against migrants, not even once, but we do not wish that our country becomes a parking lot for them. Neither Austria nor any other European country wish this either, since they are not prepared to pay such a price" - he added.

  • 1-15 February, police registered 208 intentions to seek asylum in Serbia.