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UNHCR Serbia Special Weekly Update 16-22 March 2020

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• No COVID-19 infection among refugees, asylum-seekers or migrants has been reported yet.
• On 17 March, the Government adopted a Decision on the temporary limitation of movement of asylum seekers and irregular migrants accommodated in asylum and reception centres, which allows for exits from centres only with special permits. As of 18 March troops were deployed around the centres to enforce this decision.
• At the same time, law-enforcement authorities gathered over 2,000 migrants from public spaces and transported them to the nearest governmental centre – regardless of whether the centre is designated by law as an Asylum Centre (AC) or a Reception/Transit Centre (RTC).
• On 21 Mar, authorities moved all 100 resident of Subotica RTC to other RTC, whereupon Subotica RTC was handed to the army to be used for the isolation of Serbian citizens as/if needed.
• As a result, the occupancy of all remaining 16 governmental centres (with a total capacity of 5,640 hard-shelter places) increased from 5,912 one week ago to 8,328 today. Residents comprise 3,641 citizens of Afghanistan, 1,481 of Syria, 916 of Pakistan, 610 of Bangladesh, 379 of Iraq, 328 of Iran, 255 of Morocco, and 718 from 42 other countries; 6,846 are adult men, 401 adult women and 1,081 children, including 543 unaccompanied and separated children (UASC).