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UNHCR News Update Serbia, 23 November 2015

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Statistics/ Highlights

  • 2, 201 refugees and migrants arrived: 2,027 from fYRo Macedonia and 174 from Bulgaria.

  • 6,234 departed to Croatia.

  • 3,819 asylum seekers were registered on 23 November, bringing the total to 467,960.

A significant decrease in arrivals has been noted over the last couple of days as a result of developments at the fYRo Macedonia-Greek border. Serbian and Croatian police continue to check the registration papers and nationalities of asylum-seekers boarding the train in Sid and are, generally, only allowing Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis to board the trains heading for Slavonski Brod.

Serbia – fYRo Macedonia border

2,027 refugees and migrants were assisted at the Miratovac Refugee Aid Point (RAP) upon arrival from fYRo Macedonia.

The weather was very cold at night and sunny during the day.

The police registered 3,616 asylum-seekers at the Presevo Registration Center (RC). The process took up to 2 hours, with some 100 asylum-seekers waiting inside and outside the RC at any one time.

The following organizations and entities were present 24/7 at the Presevo RC: UNHCR, SCRM, Police,
Medical Centre, Red Cross, UNICEF, Caritas, DRC, UNFPA and Remar; and at Miratovac RAP: Police and Medical Centre, while for security reasons UNHCR, IOM, DRC, Philanthropy and MSF are present only during the day time until 6:00 pm.

UNHCR and partners assisted over 72 persons with specific needs (PWSN), including 16 physically disabled, and distributed 27 UNHCR blankets, 4 big (2l), 24 small bottles of water, 1 wheelchair, 550 UNHCR plastic bags, and 12 winter boots.

The UNICEF/DRC child-friendly space hosted 63 mothers and 112 children.

47 Refugee Housing Units were erected.

Works commenced on site to start 3 new permanent toilet blocks.

92 asylum-seekers frequented medical services inside the RC and also clinics of MSF/Humenica outside of it.

Serbia – Bulgaria border

Some 174 refugees and migrants arrived to Dimitrovgrad, Negotin and Knjazevac

Serbia- Belgrade

At any one time, there were at least 78 refugees and migrants resting in parks and public spaces

Serbia – Croatia border

A total number of 6,234 asylum seekers crossed to Croatia on 5 trains from Šid train station.

UNHCR and HCIT staff fast tracked 20 PWSNs that were transported in wheelchairs from the bus to the train. UNHCR and partners assisted one family reunification case.

392 water bottles, 158 UNHCR blankets, 2,700 WFP HEP, 60 UNHCR bags, 15 disinfectant gels, 175 socks, 128 pairs of boots and 136 jackets were distributed at Sid train station. HCIT also distributed number of babies and children food, diapers, socks and scarfs.

At Adasevci RAP, SCRM, Red Cross, MSF, Serbian police, CRS/BCM, Czech volunteers and APC (Asylum Protection Center) were present. Medical services provided health care through MSF camper at the site.

Principovac RAP: No significant developments to report.