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UN Population Fund Provides Modern Laundry to Kosovo Maternity Hospital

Pristina, Kosovo, 1 February 2000

  • The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) will today hand over a fully equipped laundry department to the maternity clinic at Pristina University Hospital.

The donated equipment includes four washing machines, four dryers, two ironing machines and five ironing tables. The new equipment will fulfil the needs of the maternity and of the neonatal department and correct a disastrous situation. Previously, there was only one old washing machine for 350 women patients and more than 100 infants. Both departments will now be able to work in better and safer conditions for the benefit of Kosovar mothers and newborns.

The total investment by UNFPA for this equipment reaches US$60,000 and includes installation and training of staff. Hospital staff carried out the required work on water supply and electrical wiring under the supervision of the British Department for International Development (DFID).

With 40 deliveries daily, the maternity clinic at Pristina University Hospital is the busiest maternity in Kosovo. It requires further improvement such as central heating, reliable water supply, lifts in working condition and professional skills enhancement.

Infant and maternal mortality rates in Kosovo rank as the highest in Europe. UNFPA is working with Kosovars, and especially the National Committee for Healthy Families, to reduce these mortality rates and to ensure that women receive the care they need and the respect they deserve.


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