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UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK): 29 Dec 1999

Situation Report
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Civil administration
Kosovo begins running multi-ethnic passenger trains: A multi-ethnic train began running this week between Kosovo Polje and Zvechan, with security provided by UNMIK and KFOR. The train service, an important first step in establishing normal transportation, stops at Obolic, Priluzje, Vucitrn and Mitrovia, and KFOR is providing additional security in the stations. Locomotives from Germany and France are being used for the service. About 200 people used the train on Monday, the first day of operation. The figure jumped to 400 people yesterday. Passenger wagons on freight trains are also operating between Skopje's Volkovo station and Pristina's Teretna freight station. No heat or electricity is provided on this route.

Power company will not penalize no-income households: The Kosovo Power Company (KEK) will not disconnect the electricity supplies to households suffering from genuine financial hardship, but will cut off other customers who fail to pay their bills. Customers have 15 days to settle the first bill that was already sent out. Failure to pay the second bill, to be distributed in January, will result in an interruption of service.

Interim council condemns grenade attack in Vitina, continues discussions on JIAS: The members of the Interim Administrative Council (IAC) unanimously condemned Monday's grenade attack in Vitina during their meeting yesterday. They also continued their discussions on Administrative Departments and the regulations surrounding the establishment of the Joint Interim Administrative Structure (JIAS). The IAC will meet again on 4 January at 10:00 a.m.