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UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK): 27 Jan 2000

Security matters
Ethnically motivated violence remains major cause for concern: Ethnically motivated violence remains a major cause for concern in Kosovo, according to the KFOR latest monthly report on the international security presence in Kosovo. The report to the Security Council, forwarded by the Secretary-General, which covers the period from 24 November to 14 December, says that there has been no significant change in the security situation in Kosovo since the last report. It notes continued tensions in areas such as Mitrovica, Gnjilane and Orahovac. KFOR will continue to work in close coordination with UNMIK to promote and maintain peace and stability in the province and give the highest priority to the protection of the ethnic minorities. Approximately 50 per cent of the KFOR personnel is assigned to this task, according to the report. KFOR troops provide a permanent presence in Serb towns, villages and neighbourhoods and to organize patrols and checkpoints in key areas to provide security and instil a feeling of confidence in the community.

Since June 1999, the number of murders and other violent acts in the province has decreased gradually and significantly, despite occasional setbacks. KFOR's presence has also resulted in a reduction in the number of reported major offences, from over 300 in the last week of June to less than 50 in the last week of November. Approximately 44,000 KFOR troops were deployed in Kosovo over the reporting period, according to the report.