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UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK): 21 Feb 2000

Civilian administration
UN envoy tries to calm demonstrators in Mitrovica: In what was reported to be a "very tense and very volatile" situation, the head of UNMIK, Dr. Bernard Kouchner today addressed a crowd of several thousand demonstrators in Mitrovica. UNMIK said the crowd, which had gathered at the bridge over the Ibar River which divides the south of the city from the largely Serb-populated north, later dispersed. Joining Dr. Kouchner in his attempts to calm the demonstrators were KFOR Commander General Klaus Reinhardt and Kosovo Protection Corps leader Agim Ceku. The incident followed a march of some 20,000 Kosovar Albanian men, women and children from Pristina to Mitrovica.

Search for arms in Mitrovica continues for a second day: KFOR soldiers, supported by UN police, undertook a second day of searches for illegal and dangerous weapons in several neighbourhoods in Mitrovica today. Latest report of weapons confiscated includes 22 rifles, eight blocks of plastic explosive, one heavy machine gun, 18 rifle magazines loaded with ammunition, thousands of rounds of ammunition, one automatic pistol and four hand grenades, according to KFOR. Approximately 2,500 KFOR soldiers from 12 nations are supporting the operation.

Head of UNMIK meets Supreme Allied Commander in Europe: Head of UNMIK, Dr. Bernard Kouchner today met with Supreme Allied Commander in Europe General Wesley Clark to discuss the latest developments in Mitrovica and the joint UNMIK/KFOR strategy to re-establish security and law and order and to work on longer-term measures for job creation and economic possibilities.

UNMIK Police reports one murder over the weekend: UNMIK Police today reported that one Serb was stabbed to death by another in the village of Jasenovik. The police also reported that a bomb was thrown at a Serb-owned house in Kosovo Polje, causing damage but no injuries. In Gnjilane yesterday two grenades were thrown at a Serb-owned house, breaking windows. Sporadic grenade attacks continued around Kosovo, police said.

Salaries for Kosovo public workers: Salaries for public workers for the months of January and February will be paid beginning 28 February. The salaries are 50 per cent higher than the stipends previously paid to public workers.

New telephone system to be inaugurated on Wednesday: The new mobile telephone system in Kosovo will be inaugurated on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the existing telephone system broke down on Thursday when engineers accidentally cut a cable, UNMIK spokeswoman Nadia Younes said today. Assistance is being sought from Serbian Telekom to repair the cable, as the necessary equipment does not exist in Kosovo.

Democracy and institution building

Kosovo Protection Corps begin their first training: Key leaders of the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) were today addressed by the head of UNMIK, Dr. Bernard Kouchner, as they begun their first training today at Pristina University. UNMIK spokeswoman Nadia Younes said the training includes an introduction to the roles of and the relationships between KPC, KFOR and UNMIK.

OSCE chairperson to visit Kosovo tomorrow: The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Chairperson-in-Office, Ms Benita Ferrera-Waldner of Austria, will visit Kosovo Tuesday. She will meet with the head of UNMIK and political leaders and inspect OSCE activities in and outside Pristina, UNMIK spokeswoman Nadia Younes said today.