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UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK): 2 Feb 2000

Humanitarian assistance
United Nations bus in Kosovo hit by rocket fire: A UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) bus carrying 49 passengers was today hit by a rocket-propelled grenade, killing two Serbs and injuring another three, according to initial reports from the UNHCR office in Pristina. The bus, on a routine run between the town of Banja and Mitrovica, was clearly marked UNHCR and escorted by armoured personnel vehicles of the international peacekeeping force (KFOR). UNHCR spokesman Peter Kessler said this was the first time that the bus service had come under such an attack.

Civilian administration

Serb National Council will not be dissolved: The Serb National Council will not be dissolved because it is not considered an executive, legal or judicial parallel structure and does not function as a parallel government or pretend to be a government. UNMIK spokeswoman Susan Manuel told a press briefing today in Pristina that the UN mission is working closely with the Serb National Council as a representative of the Serb communities in Kosovo.

Equipment for the mobile phone system in Kosovo has been installed and tests are being conducted to ensure the normal functioning of the system.

UNMIK police chief says more resources needed to fight crime: More resources are needed to fight serious crime in Kosovo including attempted murder and hate crimes, UNMIK police chief, Mr. Sven Fredriksen, told a press briefing in New York today. He said UNMIK police is understaffed and desperately need more personnel.

Meanwhile, UNMIK Police said in Pristina today that murders per week have dropped from seven to only one for the week ending 29 January. However, assault increased from 30 to 45 cases, intimidation from 20 to 40, robbery from 5 to 11, burglary from 69 to 81, arson from 13 to 15 and other forms of criminal damage from 26 to 43. Kidnapping increased from 0 to 1. There were decreases in rape, from 2 to 0, auto theft from 68 to 66 and theft from 73 to 46. The number of arrests also dropped from 205 the previous week to 122 the week that ended 29 January. Unfortunately, the police said, there were two murders reported yesterday, one in Pristina, and one in Mitrovica. In Pristina, an Albanian female was shot dead. In Mitrovica, three Albanian males were shot and one of them was killed.