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UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK): 19 Jan 2000

Civil administration
Inauguration of Kosovo Protection Corps postponed: The formal ceremony establishing the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC), scheduled for today, has been postponed to Friday. UNMIK spokeswoman Nadia Younes said today the postponement followed "technical discussions" held yesterday evening between Head of UNMIK Dr. Bernard Kouchner, together with KFOR Commander Klaus Reinhardt, and KPC Commander Agim Ceku. Ms. Younes said during the discussions "all outstanding issues were ironed out". The KPC senior corps will have no military ranks and will wear non-military insignias. There will be three deputies who will divide the responsibilities among themselves. One deputy, who will be appointed on Friday, will be a non-Albanian. Approximately 43 senior corps leaders will be sworn in on Friday. The selection of the remainder of the corps, numbering about 3,000 active members and up to 2,000 reservists, will be completed by the end of January.

Kosovo power situation improves: Kosovo's power situation improved dramatically today with the restarting of one unit of the major power plant which has been out of operation and under repair for two weeks. UNMIK said today that Unit 2 of Kosovo B is now generating 220 megawatts and the territory now has 430 megawatts of power available including imported electricity, which is nearly 80 per cent of normal requirements. In the last few weeks, the power supply fluctuated between just over 100 and 250 megawatts, necessitating power rationing.

UNMIK Police reports two murders in the last 48 hours: UNMIK Police reported two murders in the last 48 hours, one in the Pristina region, and another one in the Gnjilane region. An Albanian male was shot dead yesterday in the village of Globare in the Pristina region. A suspect was seen leaving the scene in the company of two others. Also yesterday, a Serbian male was beaten and killed by unknown persons in the village of Serlane in Gnjilane. His body was found in the trunk of a car. Police are investigating both cases.

Humanitarian assistance and other activities

UNHCR opens winter shelter in Glogovac: UNHCR opened a winter shelter last week for 1,000 persons in Glogovac last week but so far there are only four families "on the list and that's because people do want to stay on their property", spokesman Peter Kessler said today. He added that UNHCR has available 30,000 blankets and 12,000 stoves and is shipping another 100,000 blankets, 380,000 winter coats, and 400 additional heaters.

KFOR French troops have assisted 56 Roma families, who had been living in tents, move to a new camp of solid wooden structures with modern facilities in north-east Mitrovica. KFOR spokesman Lieutenant-Commander Philip Anido said today KFOR crews were also out on the main highways last night and early this morning clearing snow and spreading sand and salt.