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UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK): 17 Jan 2000

Civil administration
KFOR expresses shock over murder of a Kosovo child: The Commander of the international peacekeeping force in Kosovo (KFOR), General Klaus Reinhardt has said he was "deeply shocked" that one of its members may have been involved in the murder of a young Kosovo girl whose body was found last Thursday in the town of Vitina. An American soldier serving with KFOR, Staff Sergeant Frank Ronghi, was yesterday formally charged with "murder and indecent acts with a child", in connection with the murder. He is currently being held in the detention facility in Camp Bondsteel but will soon be transferred to the Mannheim Confinement facility in Germany.

Kouchner signs regulation setting up Kosovo Joint Interim Administrative Structure: SRSG Bernard Kouchner has signed a regulation on the Kosovo Joint Interim Administrative Structure (JIAS), in order to help administer Kosovo until the establishment of genuine Kosovo institutions. Representatives of political forces of Kosovo will share provisional administrative management with UNMIK. The SRSG retains legislative and executive authority. All Kosovo structures of an executive, legislative or judicial nature will be transformed and progressively integrated into the JIAS and will cease to exist by 31 January 2000 when the JIAS will be operational. The consultative role of the Kosovo Transitional Council (KTC) will be maintained, but its membership will be enlarged to better reflect the pluralistic composition of Kosovo. The Kosovo members of the Interim Administrative Council (IAC) are also members of the KTC. The IAC will make recommendations to the SRSG for amendments to the applicable law and for new regulations. It will also propose policy guidelines for Administrative Departments in applying the applicable law.

Kosovo hit by power shortage, as Serbia cuts off supply: Kosovo's electricity supply dropped to 205 megawatts -- just over a third of minimum requirements -- following a power cut last night by Serbia which lasted for only two hours but affected local production of electricity. The Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) said in a statement issued today that as a result of the power outage, power rationing has been changed to two hours on and six hours off. The cut-off by Serbia, which supplies Kosovo with 60 megawatts, reduced local production of electricity to100 megawatts. In addition to the supply from Serbia, Kosovo is importing 30 megawatts from Macedonia and 30 megawatts from Albania.

Two more judges appointed: Head of UNMIK, Dr. Bernard Kouchner, on Saturday signed letters of appointment for two more judges for Kosovo. Mr. Ymer Hoxha was appointed judge of the district court of Prizren for a one-year renewable term. Mr. Agim Krasniqi was nominated judge of the Supreme Court of Kosovo, also for a one-year renewable term. Both men will be sworn in at ceremonies scheduled over the next few weeks.

UNMIK Police reports five murders: UNMIK police today reported five murders in the last 24 hours: one in the Pristina region and four in the Gnjilane region. The Pristina region UNMIK Police yesterday arrested a 41-year-old Kosovo Albanian man for the murder of a 32-year-old Kosovo Albanian. Also yesterday three Serb males returning from Serbia were stopped near the village of Pasjane in the Gnjilane region and shot dead. Approximately 100 to 200 Serbs gathered in Partes after hearing the news about the murder. In the Gnjilane region a Kosovo Albanian was shot in his car by a man on foot yesterday morning. UNMIK Police is investigating.

Institutional building

Training for tax administrators begins today: A one-week training course for 30 Kosovo tax administrators began today in Pristina under the auspices of the European Union, the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) reported today. Following their training the candidates, half of them women, will be integrated into the Central Fiscal.