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UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK): 14 Feb 2000

Civilian administration
Heads of UNMIK and KFOR condemn day of violence in Mitrovica: The head of UNMIK, Dr. Bernard Kouchner, and KFOR commander, Gen. Klaus Reinhardt, issued a joint statement late yesterday condemning a day of violence in Mitrovica during which at least one Kosovar died and two French peacekeepers were wounded by snipers. Seven Kosovar Albanians were wounded in northern Mitrovica on Sunday when a grenade was thrown into a group of people. The two French soldiers on guard duty at the Eastern Bridge were wounded by gunfire. Later, KFOR troops exchanged fire with snipers. Two snipers were captured, both wounded, one of whom subsequently died. A train, arriving from Kosovo Polje, was also hit by gunfire as it reached Mitrovica station, injuring one UNMIK policeman. Forty people have been arrested in connection with the violence, and a 6 pm-6 am curfew is in force. During a visit to Mitrovica on Friday, Dr. Kouchner announced further special security measures. These include expanding the safety zone either side of the

Ibar River, increasing the number of checkpoints, joint UNMIK/KFOR patrols, reinforcing monitoring and control of the administrative border with Serbia and "reinvigorating" Regulation 1999/2. The regulation gives international forces the power to remove or detain persons posing a threat to public order. He also said that 300 UNMIK were to be deployed to the Mitrovica area, with one-third of these expected by the end of the week. Dr. Kouchner also called a special session of the Interim Administrative Council for today to discuss a larger package of measures to re-establish security and build peaceful co-existence in Mitrovica.

Power supplies again hit by breakdowns: Kosovo B's unit one ceased operation on Sunday following tube and steam leaks. Repairs will take at least until Wednesday, UNMIK said today. Kosovo A's units 4 and 5 are producing 190 megawatts between them, with a further 140 megawatts being imported. Electricity supply problems have affected work at the Sajkovic water treatment plant, leading to water shortages.