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UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK): 08 Dec 1999

Civil administration
KTC meets to consider possible measures to counter violence: The Kosovo Transitional Council (KTC) met today to discuss the security situation in the province and possible measure to counter the recent increase in violence. Also on the agenda of the Council is a progress report on the issuance of new stamps. Five designs of the new postage stamps have been selected, to be printed by the French Government, and are expected to be ready for delivery in late January.

Other items on the agenda include: the winterization efforts of the UN High Commission for Refugees and its partners who have distributed 89 per cent of the planned 57,100 emergency shelter kits to house some 350,000 people in partially damaged homes; the recent recruitment drive for new customs officers and inspections officers -- 25 new customs officers will report for duty today and filling of positions for the Central Fiscal Authority where 700 applicants will be interviewed this weekend, UNMIK said.

Response to vehicle registration is "overwhelming": Public response to vehicle registration in Kosovo has been "overwhelming", with 2,000 vehicles registered in the eight days since the Pristina car registration centre opened, according to the Chief of Documents and Registration for UNMIK's Civil Administration, Mr. Albrech Conze. UNMIK is "working very hard" on opening six other centres in the major cities of Kosovo that have traditionally issued licence plates. The vehicles are being registered without insurance, as there is still no insurance company that fulfills UNMIK's requirements, said Mr. Conze.

Deadline to apply for bank licences extended: The Kosovo Banking and Payments Authority has extended the deadline for the filing of bank licence applications to 15 February 2000, the UN Interim Administration in Kosovo (UNMIK) said in a statement today. UNMIK said there has been more interest by commercial banks in opening branches in Kosovo and yesterday the Authority held a bank licencing seminar attended by more than 12 banks, 10 of which would be domestic banks and two representatives of foreign banks.

Pristina's movie theatre re-opens tomorrow: The Pristina Regional Civil Administration of the UN Interim Administration in Kosovo (UNMIK) will re-open the movie theatre Rinija II in Pristina tomorrow evening, with the showing of the French movie Microcosmos, UNMIK said today. The theatre will be open to the public starting Friday evening. The theatre was in a state of disrepair and only 250 seats are available now but more will be restored later including several other cinemas around Pristina.

A donation train leaves for Kosovo: A train carrying six locomotives, 10 trucks and 50 stretchers and humanitarian goods -- a donation from the German railroad company Bahn AG -- left Berlin on 2 December for Kosovo, the Kosovo Force spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Henning Philipp announced today in Pristina. He said the train, billed the "Train for Future" is scheduled to arrive at the Kosovo Polje railroad station on Saturday. The six locomotives will be handed over to UNMIK and the other donations will be distributed through different German non-governmental organizations.

UNMIK Police report house-burning and grenade attacks: The UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Police today reported a number of incidents of house-burning and grenade attacks. Yesterday an Albanian suspect hurled a hand grenade at a residence belonging to a Serb in Lipljan in the Pristina region and two Serbs sustained minor injuries. Also in Lipljan, an unknown suspect poured petrol on a door of an apartment belonging to a Serb and set it on fire but no injuries were reported. Another house belonging to a Serb woman was set on fire yesterday in Kosovo Polje. UNMIK Police is also investigating the burning of a house in Kosovo Polje, which was burned down on Monday.