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UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK): 01 Mar 2000

Developments today, 1 March 2000 - Updated 3:30 p.m. EST
Civilian administration

Transitional Council establishes secretariat: The Kosovo Transitional Council (KTC) today established its secretariat -- a rotating group of five KTC members, which will prepare the work of the advisory body and coordinate its specialized working groups.

A statement issued by UNMIK said the secretariat will consist of one representative from a political party in the Interim Administrative Council (IAC), two from political parties not in the IAC, one from civil society and one from a minority community.

From 1 March to 30 April 2000, the secretariat members will be representatives of the PPDK (People's Democratic Party of Kosovo), PPK (Parliamentary Party of Kosovo) and PSHDKK (Albanian Christian Democratic Party of Kosovo), but they have yet to be named. Civil society will be represented by Ylber Hysa and minority communities by Sonia Nikolic. During May and June, representatives of three other political parties will sit on the secretariat, along with Hajrullahu Gorano representing civil society and a Turkish representative.

In its meeting today, the KTC also discussed the security situation, the situation and plans for Mitrovica, as well as the pre-election period and the elections to be held this year.

All businesses in Kosovo required to register: Beginning on 7 March, all businesses in Kosovo must register with every municipality in which they are operating, UNMIK said today. UNMIK spokeswoman Susan Manuel said a business registration certificate will be required for a business to open a bank account or do business with foreign companies. UNMIK estimates there are between 400,000 and 500,000 businesses to be registered. Fees for registration are 100 deutsche marks (about $53) for businesses with less than 10 employees and 300 deutsche marks (about $159) for all others.

Registration will be undertaken over the next three months and full instructions will be available in the municipality buildings around Kosovo. Wholesale and retail trades will be registered in March; agricultural enterprises, mines and quarries and manufacturers in April; hotels and restaurant, personal services, transport companies and telecommunications in May. More details will be released later this week.

Serb judges refuse appointment: Thirteen judges and 11 lay judges, mostly Serbs, yesterday failed to show up at the ceremony in which 30 other judges, 15 lay judges and eight prosecutors - all Albanians --were sworn in for the Mitrovica region judiciary. UNMIK spokeswoman Susan Manuel said UNMIK had named 43 judges and 26 lay judges and was disappointed that the minorities did not show up because this can only compromise the system of justice meted out in Kosovo.

Rebuilding sports complex will cost $80-106 million: The Boro and Ramiz Centre, the sports complex in central Pristina destroyed by a fire that started on Friday, will cost 150-200 million deutsche marks (about $80-106 million) to rebuild, according to a preliminary estimate by a group of German engineers in Kosovo. UNMIK said that Dr. Kouchner will launch an international campaign to raise the funds.

International administrator appointed for Pristina University: A former university chancellor from Germany, Prof. Michael Daxner, has been appointed international administrator for the Pristina University system. UNMIK said that he will be introduced to the University Council on Thursday.

For further information, contact the Spokesman's Office: tel (212) 963-7161/2; fax (212) 963-7055.