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UN Envoy urges Kosovars to forgo revenge and speak out against violence

The Head of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), D. Bernard Kouchner today urged Kosovars to resist extremists seeking revenge and to speak out against violence.
In an opening address to the Kosovo International Human Rights Conference in Pristina, Dr. Kouchner pleaded with Kosovars to give information to the police and not become silent accomplices to crimes and human rights violations.

"We cannot let vengeance or retribution replace truth and justice," Dr. Kouchner said stressing that the majority of Kosovars deplored violence and wanted peace. "We must all unite to form a genuine coalition for law, order and justice."

Dr. Kouchner said that on Monday, together with KFOR commander General Karl Reinhardt, he would announce a detailed plan of action for order and the rule of law aimed at improving security for all in Kosovo.

He warned that Kosovo was "in danger of being criminalized" and that human rights activists around the world who rallied to the cause of Kosovars in the decade of oppression are becoming more and more disillusioned and discouraged when they learned of ethnically motivated violence in Kosovo.

Inflicting violence on others "gives your former oppressors a victory they do not deserve", Dr. Kouchner said. "Every Serb killed is a victory for Mr. Milosevic."