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Thousands of Albanians refugees have lost their homes in Kosovo

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International Rescue Committee (IRC) teams on site in Kosovo report that bone-chilling rains are signaling the start of a deadly winter for thousands of Albanian refugees who have begun to return to their former homes, many of which are in ruins. Another 30,000 citizens of Kosovo who have taken refuge in Albania are also in desperate circumstances.

Your support now can save many lives. Here are just a few examples of what your generous contribution can do to meet immediate needs:

$250 could provide 10 pairs of boots
$500 could provide winter jackets and underwear for 25 children
$1,000 could provide desks, tables and a blackboard for one primary school
$2,500 can buy antibiotics to treat 250 children with bronchitis
$5,000 can provide materials for 100 community latrines

The needs of the refugees in Kosovo and Albania don't stop there. Food, blankets and cooking utensils, hammers, saws, lumber and nails are all essential. Without your contributions now many may not make it through the winter. Please support the IRC's Winterization Program. Look into you heart and send a special donation