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Talks between Covic and Kaelin

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The President of the Coordination Center Dr Neboj=B9a =C8oviæ spoke today in the Palace of the State Union Serbia and Montenegro with Walter Kaelin, special representative of the UN SG for human rights of displaced persons, who will, within his mission to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and Montenegro, stay in Kosovo and Metohia next week.

The senior UNHCR expert emphasized the independent nature of his visit, full openness to all collocutors, and the fact that after its completion he will write two reports, one of which will be prepared for the UN General Assembly.

Already at the outset of his mission Kaelin expressed unequivocal dissatisfaction with the results achieved so far that were supposed to contribute to returns and enable the displaced persons to return and live in Kosovo and Metohia and has expressed his concern, apart for security, also for property and economic perspectives of those who were displaced from Kosovo and Metohia.

The President of the Coordination Center Dr Neboj=B9a =C8oviæ and Walter Kaelin agreed fully that the issue of returns may be considered only by verifying all facts relevant from the point of view of security, return and reconstruction of property of displaced persons and refugees and the sustainability of their return.

During their talks, they also discussed the issues relevant to the processes of decentralization in Kosovo and Metohia, and mutually agreed that such processes must as much as possible protect the rights of minority communities.

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Belgrade, 17th June 2005.