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SRSG Briefs IAC on Visit to Djakova

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PRISTINA - Bernard Kouchner, Special Representative of the Secretary-General, today briefed the Interim Administrative Council (IAC) on his recent trip to Djakova.

The SRSG had told local members of the Missing Persons Association in Djakova yesterday that he had spoken to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan about appointing a special representative to investigate the cases of those still missing from Kosovo.

In addition, the IAC members endorsed the revised Kosovo Consolidated Budget and the Tax Administration regulations. With IAC approval, the regulations will go to the SRSG for his signature into law.

DSRSG Joly Dixon briefed the IAC on an overview of existing and planned taxes. Currently, customs duties, sales taxes, excise taxes and hotel food and beverage taxes are collected in Kosovo. A wage tax, a presumptive tax and a business profit tax are being considered. When all the taxes are in force, they should generate an estimated 165 million DM annually.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, Dr. Kouchner praised Hashim Thaci for the role he played regarding the Preshevo Valley meeting the day before.

"I must tell you how much I appreciate what Mr. Thaci did yesterday in urging a peaceful political solution to the question of Preshevo, not a violent solution," Dr. Kouchner said. "This is the beginning of a new attitude towards violence here in Kosovo. It is a very good thing, and I want the people of Kosovo to know that I appreciate it."

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