Serbian government will demand from UN Security Council to secure return of exiled Serbs to Kosovo

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Belgrade, April 24, 2007 - Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said today that the Serbian government will demand from UN Security Council's mission to make a clear plan and activities in order to secure return of 200,000 exiled Serbs to Kosovo-Metohija.

Kostunica told Tanjug that it is new reality that Ahtisaari's plan has failed as the very framework of the plan is illegal and illegitimate, noting that now it is necessary to best use the arrival of UN Security Council's mission.

According to Kostunica, the time has come to finally and completely solve the problem of return of 200,000 exiled Serbs, who were fully forgotten in Ahtisaari's plan.

The Prime Minister said that, unfortunately, so far the crucial states of the international community have not been firm in their request that the problem of refugees must be resolved with concrete measures and in a specific time period.

He said that the Serbian government will request from the Security Council mission that the UN Security Council defines a clear plan and activities that will enable all refugees to return to their homes.

Kostunica said that the Serbian government is convinced that the Security Council, with its strong authority, can launch and secure the massive return of the expelled Serbs from Kosovo-Metohija, which would create the best possible atmosphere for a new and successful negotiating process.