Serbia rejects controlled negotiations, use of force in resolving Kosovo-Metohija status issue

Belgrade, June 18, 2007 - Media Advisor to the Serbian Prime Minister Srdjan Djuric said that the idea of organising controlled negotiations with a predetermined outcome leading to the independence of Kosovo-Metohija is an example of the most brutal use of force.

We reject both predetermined negotiations and the policy of using force as an unacceptable way of treating Serbia, said Djuric and added that no matter where in the world " controlling negotiations can only be an insult to common sense, and the policy of using force cannot do anything but jeopardise the dignity of every sovereign country."

Instead of controlled negotiations, Serbia proposes actual negotiations and advocates the policy of respecting law instead of the policy of using force, said Djuric and added that only in that way a solution based on compromise can be found for Kosovo-Metohija, which will be in accordance with the UN Charter and the Serbian Constitution.