Serbia: Inter-Agency Operational Update (September 2017)


589 Registered intentions to seek asylum in Serbia

34% of registered refugees and migrants were minors

2 Applications for asylum

0 Persons granted refugee status

1 Persons granted subsidiary protection

  • After a lull during the summer, the number of new arrivals grew again: 672 new arrivals (as compared to 351 in August) were encountered and assisted. 49% were men, 17% women and 34% children (incl. 28 newly arrived unaccompanied or separated children). 58% originated from Iraq, 9% arrived from Afghanistan, 8% from Syria, 12% from Pakistan and 13% from other countries. 69% arrived to Serbia from Bulgaria.

  • Excellent progress was made in school enrolment: by the end of September, the number of refugee, asylum-seeking and migrant children attending public primary schools reached 450 (including 100 who were schooled inside the Transit Centres of Sombor, Subotica and/or Kikinda).

  • Also, the number of departures and thus testimonies of collective expulsions increased from 930 in August to 1,024 in September, of which 432 from Hungary, 254 from Croatia and 338 from Romania, with many alleging to have been denied due access to asylum procedures and some to have been maltreated.

  • A growing number of crimes allegedly committed by unregistered migrant men from North Africa, led to concerns in Šid and Belgrade.

  • At night of 09-10 September a young man from Algeria lost his life while another sustained severe burns when touching overhead cables at Sid rain station.

  • On 26 September, in a village near Kikinda (North), the police found the body of a young foreign man.
    It appears that he had planned to irregularly cross into Romania but died of a heart attack.