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Serbia: Inter-Agency Operational Update (November 2017)



549 Registered intentions to seek asylum in Serbia

32% of registered refugees and migrants were minors

15 Applications for asylum

0 Persons granted refugee status

0 Persons granted subsidiary protection

  • The number of new arrivals decreased: 643 were encountered and assisted in November (as compared to 1,017 in October). 55% were adult men, 12% adult women and 33% children, incl. 68 unaccompanied or separated children. 27% came from Pakistan, 24% from Iraq, 23% from Afghanistan, 11% from Iran, 3% from Syria and 12% from other countries. 49% arrived to Serbia from Bulgaria, 40% from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and 11% from other countries.

  • The number of departures and testimonies of collective expulsions remained stable - 929 in November (as compared to 1,064 in October) - of which 366 from Croatia, 319 from Romania and 244 from Hungary, with many alleging to have been denied due access to asylum procedures and some to have been maltreated.

  • Authorities continued ensuring that over 81% of school age refugee/migrant children attended primary and an increasing number secondary formal education in Serbia.

  • In another tragic accident, on 21 November right on the border between Croatia and Serbia, a five years old girl from Afghanistan was hit by a passing train and killed on the spot. The little girl had entered Croatia irregularly with her mother and six siblings and the accident happened as they were reportedly expelled back from Croatia into Serbia. Serbian authorities and humanitarian partners have been supporting the family during these difficult times.

  • In coordination with the Serbian Commissariat for Refugees and Migration (SCRM), UNHCR, DRC and NGO partners undertook comprehensive distribution of winter NFIs for all the adults accommodated in official accommodation centres.

  • UNHCR Serbia published the November 2017 monthly Snapshot, outlining the key trends and statistics relating to Serbia situation as at endNovember.