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Serbia: Inter-Agency Operational Update (January - March 2018)



1,731 Registered intentions to seek asylum in Serbia

23% of registered refugees and migrants were minors

35 Applications for asylum

3 Persons granted refugee status

2 Persons granted subsidiary protection

  • On 22 March, the Serbian Parliament adopted a new law on Asylum and Temporary Protection, as well as new Laws on Foreigners and the Protection of State Borders. All three new laws will be relevant for managing the refugee and migration situation. The new Asylum Law aligns Serbian legislation with international and EU standards by including an improved refugee definition and enhanced provisions for unaccompanied and separated asylum-seeking children.

  • UNHCR and partners observed 949 arrivals, of which 48% from fYRo Macedonia, 28% from Bulgaria, 19% by air and 5% from other directions. 25% were nationals of Pakistan, 21% of Iran, 18% of Afghanistan, 17% of Iraq, 11% of Syria and 8% of other countries. 67% were men, 9% women and 24% children (in comparison to the last quarter of 2017 with 2,045 arrivals, when the same percentage arrived from Bulgaria as from fYRo Macedonia - 43%, 11% by air, etc., when 40% of all arrivals were women and children (incl. families), and 28% were Pakistani, 24% Iraqi, 19% Afghani, 16% Iranian, 4% Syrian, etc. nationals).

  • Tragically highlighting the risks of irregular movements, two foreign men were fatally injured when walking on Belgrade-Šid highway, during the night of 8 March, while on 14 February eleven men from Algeria and Morocco had to be hospitalised with severe symptoms of poisoning from pesticide fumes inhaled in a cargo train wagons which they had entered in an attempt to enter Croatia. On 11 March, three young men and boys were stabbed in a fight near the border with Croatia.

  • In follow up to security incidents, the police conducted biometric registration of single men in Krnjača and Obrenovac centres.

  • On the occasion of International Women’s Day, authorities, UN and other organisations orgaised various events with refugees/migrants across the country.