Serbia: Government ready to resume talks on Kosovo future status

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Belgrade, May 22, 2007 - Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica met today with Costa Rican Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Stagno Ugarte and said that in line with the UN Charter, which guarantees sovereignty and territorial integrity to all states, Kosovo-Metohija is an unalienable and constituent part of Serbia.

Kostunica stressed that Serbia's state policy towards the province has been clearly defined by the Serbian Constitution and Serbian parliament resolutions which confirm that Kosovo-Metohija is a province within Serbia.

The Prime Minister said he believes that the international community will not breach the general principles of international law and the UN Charter and in the end attempt to illegally seize 15% of Serbia's territory.

Kostunica said that the Serbian government is ready to resume talks on Kosovo-Metohija's future status in order to reach a compromise and sustainable solution for the province in line with all international documents and essential values regarding national minority protection, and this can be achieved through substantial autonomy of the province within Serbia.

The Costa Rican foreign minister said it is important to respect the UN Charter, adding that the Kosovo issue is a very delicate and complex one.

Ugarte said at the meeting that Costa Rica is interested in establishing satisfactory bilateral relations with Serbia.