Serbia: Floods Emergency Plan of Action MDRRS014


A. Situation analysis
Description of the disaster

For two weeks before the date of the disaster, which occurred on 22-24 June, the Republic of Serbia was affected by heavy rainfalls. The most affected areas are Kolubarski, Moravicki, Raski, Zlatiborski, Rasinski, Toplicki, Jablanicki, and Pomoravski districts. 8 municipalities and cities reported on 22 June that were affected by heavy rain that caused flash floods and floods. It was reported that the municipalities of Osecina, Ljubovija, and Lucani are the most affected by heavy rain (more than 40 litres per square meter in 24 hours) leading to floods in the whole region. Rivers Jadar, Drina, Ibar, and local streams were spilled in Krupanj, Koceljeva, Trstenik, Osecina, Arilje, Lucani, Kraljevo. Agriculture fields and roads were flooded, accumulated water covered several rural roads and bridges. Dozens of settlements in the Osecina municipality (Komiric, Bastav, Belotic) and city centre, were affected.

On 23 and 24 June, due to new heavy rainfalls, additional 16 municipalities and cities declared state of emergency due to flooding and flash floods (Blace, Cacak, Despotovac, Doljevac, Gornji Milanovac, Ivanjica, Kosjeric, Krusevac, Kursumlija, Majdanpek, Pozega, Prokuplje, Zitoradja, Krupanj, Obrenovac, Vladimirci). During this period there were heavy rainfalls with intensity from 40 litres to 210 litres per square meter in 24 hours.

On 22 June, the river Jadar overflowed near Osecina and flooded more than 415 households (1,250 people affected) and several commercial buildings. A state of emergency has been declared in Osecina, Krupanj, and the population in the Jadar basin has been ordered to move furniture and appliances from the ground floors of houses because of a large flood wave. On the same date on the part of the municipality of Koceljevo, an emergency situation was declared due to the overflow of the river Tamnava and its tributary Kozarica. In Koceljeva 42 people were affected by floods (10 households). Heavy rains caused numerous problems for the residents of the community Mojkovic near Krupanj municipality because the river overflowed so much from its bed that they could not reach their homes safely. In Krupanj there are 105 people affected (35 households). The most difficult situation is in the lower Crniljevo and the village of Kamenica, where Tamnava broke through the embankments and flooded households.

Municipalities of Kosjeric and Bajina Basta also were affected by heavy rains and flooding. In 8 local communities on the territory of Bajina Basta the state of emergency situation was declared. 11 households were cut off, 3 households affected and one auxiliary building. Around 50 people are affected by this flooding. In Kosjeric, the flood has affected the centre of the city. The water flooded about 55 households (water level was 2 meters and above), and 5 prefabricated houses. Out of more than 150 affected people in Kosjeric, 15 were evacuated.

Some of the most affected municipalities are Arilje, Ljubovija, and Ivanjica. Due to heavy rainfall, the river Moravica overflowed from Ivanjica to Arilje, hundreds of households and fields were flooded, bridges on the river were closed to traffic, as well as the main road Ivanjica - Arilje. In the municipality of Arilje, 2,200 people are affected (650 households) and 88 were evacuated. The local headquarters for emergencies of the municipality of Arilje declared a state of emergency in 10 local communities: Tresnjevica, Stupcevici, Mirosaljci, Latica, Dragojevac, Cerova, Bogojevici, Virovo, Arilje, and Grdovici. In Ljubovija the swollen river Ljubovidja with its tributaries flooded about 2,100 people (700 households), and 210 people were evacuated. The Moravica River in the municipality of Ivanjica has risen to an unprecedented level for the last 50 years, several suburban settlements have been flooded where several bridges have been damaged, some households have been endangered, and landslides have started. In the municipality of Ivanjica, there is no electricity and drinking water for more than 14,650 citizens (4,650 households). People are buying drinking bottled water in markets. There is a risk of water borne and other communicable diseases. It was reported that the municipalities in Osecina, Ljubovija, and Lucani are the most affected. In all three municipalities infrastructure (roads, bridges) and agriculture land suffered huge damage and limitation of usage.

In Pozega municipality, areas affected by the flood are rural local communities along the rivers Moravica, Skrapez and Djetinje (local communities Gorobilje, Prijanovići, Gugalj, Prilipac, Pilatovići, Jelen Do, Tućkovo and Gugalj). The road infrastructure is not damaged, but some roads are impassable. The flood endangered residential buildings and a large number of auxiliary buildings and agricultural land. According to official data, the number of people in the most endangered area is 3,216 (more than 1,000 households).

The situation is also critical in Lucani, where a state of emergency has been declared, as the rivers Zivicka, Tijanjska and Gorusica have flooded dozens of houses and hectares of agricultural land (5,000 hectares and more than 1,500 households). 31 houses were flooded in the village of Vici near Lucani, while a high school, a sports centre, the building of Power Distribution Company and about 70 households were flooded local community in Guca. This municipality was also affected during last year’s floods.

Cacak and Kraljevo also reported high water level in West Morava and Ibar rivers. The state of emergency in these municipalities was declared and local self-government started with the protection of riverbanks. In the city of Cacak municipalities, 150 people (37 households) are affected by floods. In Kraljevo local streams and river Studenica also caused severe damage to households and infrastructure. Two people died in Kraljevo municipality due to the flooding, and, in the city of Kraljevo 150 households (more than 500 people) are flooded in total.

In Krusevac, the river Rasina threatened all settlements downstream from the lake "Celije" to the inflow into the West Morava. Numerous damages caused 50 households to be without water and electricity. A village road was flooded in Vitanovac, and a stream overflowed in Bukovica, people in danger were evacuated. In the village of Buci, the Lomnicka river damaged 4 bridges downstream, so all endangered households were evacuated (123 people) to safety, and sports fields in this famous picnic area were flooded.

Over 500 households and several displaced families on the territory of Blace, several in Kursumlija and arable land were flooded after heavy rains on the territory of the entire Toplica district. The alarming situation was in Blace, where an emergency situation has been declared 23 June, and during the day, the Kursumlija local self-government also declared an emergency situation along the Kosanica river basin and in several other places.

Due to the spill of river Toplica in the Municipality of Doljevac, Prokuplje, and Zitorodja, emergency was declared. In Doljevac almost 100 people from Šarlinec, Orljan, and Šanovac were evacuated. Over 50 households are flooded in Doljevac and 65 people evacuated. The river Toplica flooded a part of Prokuplje near that river, a large number of households, a city cemetery, tennis courts, the football stadium "Toplicanina", a city swimming pool, as well as the facilities of a factory. A large number of residents in the villages of the municipality of Prokuplje were evacuated because their households were flooded. From the hundreds of flooded houses, the population has been placed with relatives or evacuated to the temporary centre in Sokolana in Prokuplje. In Prokuplje there are 2,218 people affected, more than 100 households flooded, and 215 people evacuated. In municipality of Zitorodja the left side of the bank of the river Toplica was flooded over the bridge affecting 15 households and 4 companies (around 70 people affected, 35 evacuated).

Due to the rain that fell continuously for 48 hours, the Resava river came out of its bed and flooded many fields, households and overflowed over the bridges in the municipality of Despotovac. The outflow of the river Resava affected the households of the local communities of Jelovac, Strmosten, Stenjevac, Dvoriste, Bukovac, Medvedja. In Despotovac 360 people (140 households) are affected by floods. The river Despotovica overflowed on the Ibar highway near Gornji Milanovac, from the suburban settlement of Mlakovac towards the Brdjanska gorge in the direction of Cacak. State of emergency is declared for parts of the territory of the municipality of Gornji Milanovac for settlements: Brusnica, Brdjani, Gornji Banjani, Lozanj, Gornji Branetici, Ozrem, Bersici, Ugrinovci and Zagradje starting from 23 June 2020, due to the consequences of a natural disaster caused by rainfall. In Gornji Milanovac 50 people are affected and in 15 households flood water came in.

In municipalities of Vladimirci and Obrenovac the state of emergency was declared for part of their territory. In Vladimirci in total 9,000 people are affected by floods. River Dobrava in Vladimirci overflowed agricultural land in this municipality. In Obrenovac municipality there was the outflow of the river Kolubara in the area of the settlement Poljane. Water has already flooded several buildings and 20 households were affected. In Trstenik first flooding happened on 19 June where more than 25 households were affected. Additional state of emergency was declared on 23 June in order to protect water sources from high water level of West Morava river.

The municipal headquarters of Majdanpek gave a recommendation to the President of the Municipality to declare a state of emergency in Majdnapek in communities of Debeli Lug, Leskovo, Jasikovo, Vlaol and Boljetin. Due to weather conditions, torrential floods on the territory of the municipality of Majdanpek, the rivers Pek, Jagnjilo, Todorova and Boljetinska overflowed, which caused great material damage, collapse of the regional road and the bridge Debeli Lug-Leskovo, The main road Kucevo-Majdanpek was also closed. Houses and backyards along the river were flooded. 20 households from the village of Jasikovo and 12 households Debeli Lug were evacuated to their relatives and neighbours. In total 300 people are affected by floods in this municipality.

In the 24 municipalities in which a state of emergency was declared, a total of 16,456 households were affected and 878 people were evacuated. Local self-governments and national government are engaging all capacities to recover infrastructure connection within cities and regions (rebuild broken roads, bridges, recover electricity and water supply, etc.).