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Serbia Daily Update, 22 February 2016

Situation Report
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  • 1,595 refugees/migrants arrived: 1,547 from fYRo Macedonia and 48 from Bulgaria.

  • 0 departed to Croatia.

  • Authorities transferred 385 refugees/migrants, who had been denied to board trains and/or pushed back from Croatia, onto busses at the Sid RAP. UNHCR and partners then encountered them again in Tabanovce, where they recounted that authorities instructed them to walk across the green border back into fYRo Macedonia.


1,547 refugees/migrants, exclusively from Syria and Iraq and with new registration documents, were assisted at the Miratovac Refugee Aid Point (RAP) upon arrival from fYR Macedonia.

Police, Gendarmerie, IOM, Philanthropy, Remar, Medical Center, UNHCR, MSF, DRC, World Vision, were assisting them at the RAP. UNHCR/DRC/SPDE distributed UNHCR blankets, 190 winter boots, 10 winter jackets and 106 water bottles, while UNICEF and Philanthropy/CRS distributed other non-food items (NFIs).

The health clinic inside the RAP was open and UNICEF/DRC child friendly hosted 139 children and 50 women.

Over 350 refugees/migrants stayed overnight in the RAP. UNHCR-funded buses transported approximately 1,320 refugees from Miratovac village to the Registration Centre (RC) in Presevo where they were registered. 39 persons with specific needs (PSNs) were prioritized for registration. UNHCR, SCRM, Police, Medical Centre, ADRA, Red Cross, IOM, UNICEF/DRC, Caritas, DRC, BCM/CRS and Remar assisted refugees/migrants 24/7 at the RC. Natan, Humedica, Care international/Nexus, SOS Children, OXFAM 484, Global Medic were present during the day. Save the Children, APC, Youth for Refugees, Atina, Border Free, Mercy Corps and MSF were active outside the RC.

UNHCR and partners distributed 100 UNHCR blankets, 53 winter boots, 11 winter jackets and 373 water bottles. Public Doctors, MSF, Humedica and Natan treated 41 and Health Center Vranje provided reproductive health services to asylum seekers. The UNICEF/DRC/CSW child friendly space hosted 101 children and 37 women.

Approximately 475 refugees/migrants, stayed overnight in the RC, including 15 in UNHCR Refugee Housing Units, 300 stayed in rub halls, 100 in Remar tents. 20 refugees/migrants spent the night in MSF, Border Free and Mercy Corps tents outside the RC.


48 refugees/migrants arrived to Dimitrovgrad from Bulgaria. Of those, 36 were from Iraq and 12 from Afghanistan, families with children. Upon the registration of women and children, the group remained in the RAP to rest and later departed by train to Belgrade.

UNHCR/Sigma Plus distributed three UNHCR blankets, boots and four jackets. Red Cross, DRC and Divac Foundation distributed food, water, shoes and clothes also for children inside the RAP. ADRA, Save the Children, Info Park and BCHR provided support on interpretation, medical assistance, free WI-FI, food and clothes. Praxis and I’m Human Organization assisted refugees/migrants 24/7 outside the RAP. WAHA provided medical assistance to 9 refugees/migrants for minor injuries and respiratory problems.


Over 140 refugees/migrants were assisted in Belgrade by UNHCR partners. They were mainly from Morocco, Algeria, Afghanistan or Pakistan.

Many sought aid in food, clothes, use of internet and referrals to various services, including hospitals and registration. SCRM, UNHCR/DRC, Red Cross and Refugee Aid Miksalište assisted them. Asylum Info Centre remained open 24/7. Caritas distributed food and clothes at the park near the railway. MSF offered primary health care and distributed NFIs. Over 40 refugees/migrants were present at night in the city.


No train arrived from Croatia to Sid train station, consequently there were no departures of refugees/migrants. 447 refugees/migrants stayed overnight in the Sid RAP, including 61 brought from Subotica RAP, 15 pushed back and 15 denied boarding by the Croatian authorities.

At Sid train station, UNHCR/HCIT distributed 20 UNHCR blankets, 400 WFP HEB, 1,152 water bottles, 41 winter jackets, 86 boots, and 20 UNHCR bags. IDC/Sid Health Centre and WAHA treated over 70 refugees/migrants.

In Adasevci, UNHCR, SCRM, Police, APC, Red Cross Serbia, MSF, CRS/Divac Foundation, BCM,
Remar, OM and Czech Volunteers assisted refugees/migrants 24/7 at Adesevci RAP; World Vision, Intersos, Caritas, TDH, EHO, DRC and NSHC during the day.

MSF provided medical assistance to 111 refugees/migrants and BCM/Sid Health Centre treated 33. The UNICEF/ WV/CSW child friendly space hosted 38 children and 7 mothers.

The Red Cross and Caritas distributed food on buses. Remar offered hot tea and soup. CRS/Divac Foundation distributed adult and children’s winter clothes and footwear.