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Serbia Daily Update, 19 - 21 February 2016

Situation Report
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  • 1,769 (713 on19/02; 580 on 20/02 and 476 on 21/02) refugees/migrants arrived: 1,482 from fYRo Macedonia and 287 from Bulgaria.

  • 1,466 (0 on 19/02; 833 on 20/02 and 633 on 21/02) departed to Croatia.

  • The registration of arriving refugees a migrants in the South and train boarding procedures in the West were taking long time, due to stringent document checks conducted by the authorities, as the implementation of the new procedures adopted by the Chiefs of Police of the five countries on WB route started. For example starting on 19/02 only citizens of Syria and Iraq were allowed entry into Serbia with all required documents through the green border in Miratovac.

  • On 21/02 over 200 refugees/migrants who had been denied to board trains in Sid, walked on the highway towards the Croatian border in an attempt to cross the border on foot. They were stopped by authorities near the border in Batrovci, and convinced to return on buses arranged for them to Principovac RAP. They were all counselled on available options, including the right to seek asylum in Serbia and Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR). During the night of 20/02 some 500 refugees/migrants who had been screened out at the border with Croatia were located on Serbian territory in proximity to the border with Hungary or Romania.