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Serbia and Montenegro: One-off assistance to people in flooded areas

Belgrade, June 17, 2005 - On today's session, the Serbian government adopted a Conclusion on granting a one-off assistance aid package to people in flooded areas.
People in flooded areas in the municipalities of Secanj and Zitiste, who have been given temporary refuge in the Zrenjanin Gerontology centre, will be given a total of 976,000 dinars in assistance.

Beneficiaries of material insurance in the municipalities of Secanj and Zitiste will also be given a total of 639,000 dinars.

At today's session, the government adopted the Information on the activities of the Emergency Centre for Defence Against Floods in Central Banat, saying that the Serbian government adopted a Decision to use 83 million dinars from the current budgetary reserve for the cleanup of damage caused by this natural disaster. The natural disasters commission has allocated 9 million dinars to the Secanj municipality.

The Ministry of Capital Investments has sent 50 million dinars in emergency aid, that is 10 million dinars for each of the flood-stricken municipalities.

The Executive Council of Vojvodina allocated 16 million dinars to three municipalities - Secanj, Plandiste and Zitiste - and the Directorate for Commodity Reserves has for the time being sent out 2,000 packages with food to the stricken areas.

The Ministry of Agriculture has earmarked 150 million dinars to help the veterinary service in their fieldwork on disease prevention, 100 million dinars to help cleanup the consequences of the flood, and 30 million dinars to the "Vode Vojvodine" public company.

The government approved a Decision on a temporary exemption of citizens of Central Banat from paying health insurance fees.