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Serbia: 41 million dinars approved for severe weather relief

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Belgrade, July 14, 2005 - The Serbian government decided at today's session to allocate a total of 41 million dinars to the municipalities of Kragujevac, Prokuplje, Zitoradja, Topola, Valjevo, and Kraljevo for damage relief in hail- and storm-stricken areas.

The government also adopted the Decree on subsidising the production and the storing of wheat harvested in 2005 and a decree amending the Decree on the programme of measures to encourage agricultural production development in 2005.

The government gave its consent to the domestic fare list of state railway company Zeleznice Srbije, as well as to the Statute of the Serbian Telecommunications Agency.

The government also decided to approve aid totalling 4.23 million dinars to vulnerable families in the municipality of Cuprija.

As part of the session, the government adopted the Conclusion on the use of funds from the Fund for Kosovo-Metohija, setting aside 190,000 dinars to subsidise summer holidays for 50 children from the province.

The government also adopted the Information on the feasibility of re-launching production in Viskoza Holding Company and the Information on the implementation of a social welfare programme in public coal mining company Resavica.