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Return of Krajina Serbs and respect for their human rights must be secured

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Belgrade, Aug 4, 2005 - Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said in a statement that Serbia and the Serbian people will observe this day, August 4, with the memory of thousands of innocent Krajina Serbs from Croatia who were killed and the several hundreds of thousands who were expelled from their homes.

"One entire people, the Serbs from Krajina, were rooted out in just a few days, running from the cruel threat of extinction, from the land which had been their home for centuries. The line of refugees from Knin to Belgrade was a sight of a heinous crime that is unmatched and represents the greatest ethnic cleansing after the Second World War.

"Not even after ten years has the justice been done or the entire truth admitted, and the consequences of this tragedy will never be fully removed.

"Two hundred and fifty thousand refugees and more than 2000 people killed and missing is a crime that will be recorded not only in the history of Croatian Serbs and the Serbian people as a whole, but in the history of the worst inhumanity as well.

"Today we have a very important task, to enable these refugees to return to their homes and for their human rights to be given back to them, because that is the only road that leads to true peace, justice, reconciliation and European future", it is said in the statement of the Serbian Prime Minister.