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Relief Solutions conducts security assistance visit in Kosovo and Macedonia

News and Press Release
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Relief Solutions recently conducted a security assistance visit for the American Refugee Committee's (ARC) humanitarian mission in Kosovo and Macedonia. The visit concentrated on ARC's activities involving assistance to displaced people, operation of community service centers and participation in shelter programs.
As part of the 10-day visit, Relief Solutions conducted a comprehensive assessment of the threats and vulnerabilities unique to ARC and its staff. From this assessment, Relief Solutions assisted the ARC staff in implementing proactive security management procedures through acceptance, deterrence and protective measures to improve the organization's security within its community, thereby reducing the risks to the operations. Additionally, numerous discussions and training classes were conducted with all members of the staff including drivers, guards, program staff, and country directors. Topics included security awareness, risk management and preparation for potential emergency situations such as relocation, hibernation, evacuation and serious accidents.

Specific focus was placed on the impact that the withdrawal or change in the mission mandate of the NATO troops would have on the operations in Macedonia as well as the border regions of Kosovo near the cities of Tetevo and Kumanovo. Additional discussions were held concerning parliamentary initiatives and the impact these decisions could have in escalating the violence within the region. Staff and participants in the discussions and training were also keenly interested in the effects the terrorist attack on the U.S. on September 11th could have on the Balkan region.

Relief Solutions was founded in 2000 by qualified security and humanitarian professionals experienced in working with non-governmental organizations in high risk areas throughout the world. Relief Solutions is a non-profit organization with offices in Washington DC and the United Kingdom.