The path to recognition: Kosovo’s and Serbia’s evolving dialogue

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  • The EU-sponsored dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia is entering a critical phase: it is unclear whether the parties will agree on a new agenda or continue to discuss old issues.
  • Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti aims to set a new agenda for the dialogue and to place Kosovo on an equal footing with Serbia.
  • The solution to the dispute between Kosovo and Serbia should be to create a societal consensus on both sides of the border.
  • Kurti prefers not to prioritise the dialogue, but it is not in his interest to delay it -- as this would only benefit Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.
  • Kosovo's leadership should take greater responsibility for the Kosovo Serb community and provide services in areas such as healthcare and education, which are currently in the hands of the so-called 'parallel structures'.
  • The leadership should avoid linking this provision of services to any future Serbian concessions on Kosovo's status.
  • An internal dialogue would be the best way to address contentious, politicised issues such as the status of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo.