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Outrage over continued inflammatory reporting in Kosovo

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PRISTINA, 17 March 2000 -- Irresponsible, inflammatory journalism is continuing to blot the media landscape of Kosovo. The OSCE is deeply disappointed that some of the media are still making unsubstantiated, and often dangerous, accusations against minorities.
Both individuals and groups are being depicted as evil and as criminals. National and international staff in the international community has been targeted. The OSCE regards this as unacceptable. One of the main jobs of the media in a democracy is to inform the public about what has happened - not to publish unsubstantiated gossip. Facts based on respected, reliable sources should not be mixed with editorial comment.

The OSCE is working with the much of the media in Kosovo, assisting them in developing democratic journalistic practices. Every violation of these practices by some journalists undermines all the work the OSCE and truly professional journalists in Kosovo are trying to do.

There is now a regulation against hate speech on the statutes of Kosovo, as in a number of European countries. But taking a newspaper, publisher, broadcaster or journalist to court is always the last resort in a democracy. The OSCE hopes that the Kosovo media will start to exercise some self-control.

For further information, contact: Roland Bless, Spokesperson, OSCE M ission in Kosovo, tel: (+381-38) 500-162 or satellite phone: 871-762-009-948 ext. 260; mobile: (+389-70) 250-576; e-mail:

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