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OSCE and UNHCR to issue report on situation of minorities in Kosovo

PRISTINA, 10 March 2003 - A new report on the situation of the minorities in Kosovo will be published today by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the UN High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR).
Ambassador Pascal Fieschi, the Head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, and Walter Irvine, UNHCR Chief of Mission, will present the report at a press conference.

The conclusion in the tenth report is clear: "Further fundamental changes need to be made in order to improve conditions for Kosovo's minorities and to create an environment conducive for returns of all ethnic groups. While improvements have been seen in many areas since the last Assessment, concerns remain in minorities' access to justice, essential services, property rights, and public, civil, and political structures and their security and freedom of movement in Kosovo."

The aim of this series of reports is to provide an objective assessment of the situation of minorities in Kosovo. This should enable Kosovo governmental institutions (including the UN Mission in Kosovo, UNMIK) to evaluate what steps are required not only to facilitate sustainable returns, but also to improve the conditions for minorities resident in the province.

Media representatives are invited to attend the press conference on: Monday, 10 March at: 12:00 in: 4th Floor Conference Room, OSCE Headquarters, Prishtine/Pristina.

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