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No prejudicing the results of dialogue about Kosovo

The President of the CC Dr Neboj=B9a =C8oviæ met todaz in the Palace of State Union Serbia and Montengro with the Swiss Minister of Foreign Affairs Mishlin Kalmi-Rei, durig her visit to Belgrade, after which she is travelling to talk with representatives of UNMIK and the PISG in Kosovo and Metohia.

Ms. Kalmi-Rei tried to justify the fact that the Swiss attitude to discussions about the future status of Kosovo and Metohia does not mean that this is contrary to the traditional Swiss neutrality, and that the so-called discussions towards formal independence of Kosovo and Metohia should in no way be mixed with substantive independence or any kind of sovereignty.

Stating that he appreciates the openness of the head of the Swiss delegation, the president of the Coordination Center Dr Neboj=B9a =C8oviæ reiterated that any kind of wider interpretation of the concept of independence can not be acceptable for Serbia,and that they, essentially, prejudice the result of dialogue which has not essentially even begun yet.

Dr Neboj=B9a =C8oviæ and Ms. Kalmi-Rei agreed abut the crucial significance of the position of minority communities in the Province, and especially the significance of returns which can not be considered out of the context of security, property rights and sustainability of returns to Kosovo and Metohia.

The Swiss Minister expressed hopes that the international gathering in Luzern which is begin organized with respect to Kosovo and Metohia at the beginning of next month will be another opportunity for a comprehensive and open exchange of views regarding one of the most sensitive issues for the EU whose general policy is reflected in the attitude of Switzerland, and has invited Dr =C8oviæ to participate at this conference which he, in principle, accepted.

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Belgrade, 17th June 2005.