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Netherlands gives $15 million for the Kosovo budget

The Dutch government today gave $15 million to support the Kosovo budget for 1999, which will be used to pay for public services and stipends for needy Kosovars.
Presenting the donation, the Head of the Netherlands Office in Pristina, Mr. Robert Van Lanschot said the money would cover 25 to 30 per cent of the Kosovo Consolidated Budget.

"It's a very considerable amount for keeping this place running as far as the normal public sector is concerned like medical care, education and the judicial system," he said in a statement issued by the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).

Head of UNMIK Bernard Kouchner said the money "will spread out to over approximately 50,000 Kosovars in the health and education systems and other sectors".

Dr. Kouchner said the Dutch Government's contribution would be an integral part of the UNMIK's rebuilding effort in Kosovo and would help foster the economic recovery process in the province.