Municipalities receive first allocations for clean-up of flood consequences

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Belgrade, 25 April 2014 – The Serbian government decided at its session today to set aside RSD 60 million in non-repayable aid for the clean-up of consequences of the recent floods.

According to this decisions, the municipalities of Lucani, Pozega, Kursumlija, Prokuplje, Medvedja, Lebane, Doljevac, Gadzin Han, Aleksinac, Zajecar, Trgoviste, Krusevac and Zitoradja, as well as the cities of Zajecar, Kraljevo and Nis were allocated RSD 3,750,000 of aid each for the clean-up of the consequences caused by floods.

Assistance in the same amount for mitigating the effects of floods was allocated to affected areas in Kosovo-Metohija.

The government made this decision on the basis of the report prepared by the Commission for evaluation of damage from natural disasters.