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Kosovo: UN envoy strongly condemns attacks in Pristina

The senior United Nations envoy to Kosovo has strongly condemned three attacks carried out Saturday evening in downtown Pristina, while expressing relief at the fact that no one was injured by the explosions.
"Such actions, which I know are not supported by the people of Kosovo, will not be allowed to damage the democratic process," Søren Jessen-Petersen said in a statement released on Sunday.

He stressed that violence would not diminish the UN's support for the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government. The citizens of Kosovo, he said, will persist "in their strong efforts to build a peaceful, democratic and multi-ethnic" society.

One of the explosions caused damage to three UN vehicles, while another occurred at a commercial building opposite the offices of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). The third caused minor damage to a government building.

The envoy expressed his appreciation to the UN Interim Administration in Kosovo (UNMIK) Police and the Kosovo Police Service for their prompt response to the attacks. As investigations are being carried out, he appealed to the public to come forward with information to assist in efforts in bringing the perpetrators to justice.