Kosovo: SRSG explains Ahtisaari package in Parteš/Partesh

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PRISTINA - Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Kosovo (SRSG) Joachim Rücker explained the current state of the status process and discussed the concerns of the Kosovo Serb community at a town hall meeting today in Parteš/Partesh. The SRSG appeared on a panel with the Head of the Russian Federation Office, Mr. Andrei Dronov, and COMKFOR Lt.-Gen., Roland Kather.

Visiting Parteš/Partesh for the third time, Mr. Rücker noted that under the status proposal the village will become a part of a new municipality, one which will have greater competencies and responsibilities.

As the proposal stands, the new municipality of Parteš/Partesh will consist of three villages: Parteš/Partesh, Pasjan/Pasjane and Budrike e Poshtme/Donja Budriga.

During his outreach visit the SRSG remarked on the issue of returns. "We would like to see to more returns. It is my perception, however, that many displaced persons are awaiting the decision on status," Mr. Rücker said.

The SRSG once again invited the Kosovo Serbian community to actively engage in Kosovo's institutions and in the the status process.