Kosovo: Press Briefing Transcript for briefing of 28 Feb 2007

News and Press Release
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UNMIK Spokesperson Neeraj Singh

SRSG to attend SEECP meeting

Tomorrow the SRSG will be in Zagreb, where on Friday he will be attending the meeting of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the South-East European Co-Operation Process (SEECP). You would be aware that Prime Minister Agim Ceku has also been invited to attend this meeting.

Five suspects indicted in connection with March 2004 riots

An International Prosecutor has filed an indictment in the Pristina District Court against five suspects - Skender Islami, Mustafa Islami, Ramadan Islami, Omeri Sylejmani and Gazmend Morina - for their role in allegedly burning down several buildings in Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje during the March 2004 riots. The suspects have been charged for their direct participation in a series of criminal acts including arson and looting of buildings, houses and vehicles. In addition, there are another 11 suspects, 10 of them juveniles, who are still under pre-trial investigation for being suspected to be involved in the burning of several buildings in Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje during the March riots.

Nine Audit Reports finalised

I have an announcement on behalf of the Office of the Auditor General. This is to inform you of nine different audit reports finalised recently that have been made public. These are Audit Reports on:

- External Review of the Privatisation Process undertaken by the Kosovo Trust Agency

- Financing of Political Parties from Kosovo Consolidated Budget 2005

- Payments for Services and Related Internal Control Procedures in the Ministry of Communities and Returns

- Review of Implementation of Procedures at Independent Commission on Mines and Minerals (ICMM)

- Audits for the year 2005 for the Municipalities of Podujevë/Podujevo, Kaçanik/Kaèanik, Viti/Vitina, Klinë/Klina and Obiliq/Obiliæ.

You can find these Audit Reports on the official website of the Auditor General at