Kosovo: Press Briefing Transcript for briefing of 21 Feb 2007

News and Press Release
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UNMIK Spokesperson Neeraj Singh

Good morning.

Attack on UN vehicles

UNMIK condemns the explosion that damaged 3 UN vehicles as well as a civilian vehicle and other property on Monday.

We do not know yet who is behind this act, or what objective they hope to achieve. What we do know is that no just cause can be advanced by violence.

At this determining stage of the status process, when Kosovo is seeking to achieve its aspirations, attacks on UN property or personnel can only undermine Kosovo's interests. What is encouraging is that the large majority of the people of Kosovo have shown a clear commitment to democratic and peaceful means for finding their rightful place in the world order. It is important that fringe elements that choose the path of violence are isolated, exposed and brought to justice. We remain determined to achieve that in cooperation with the people and institutions of Kosovo.

An update on the February 10th investigation

24 investigators are assigned to the case. A special Task Force was established to investigate the deaths of two persons and serious wounding of others on 10 February. The task force is multinational and includes investigators from the Kosovo Police Service (KPS). It is headed by an independent special prosecutor Robert Dean from the US. Mr. Dean has 28 years of experience as a prosecutor in the State of Maryland where he has investigated hundreds of murders and secured many convictions. His last job before joining the Department of Justice was as Deputy States Attorney in Prince George's County, Maryland, which borders Washington, D.C.

Forensic investigations have taken place with the KPS crime laboratory and additional expertise is being discussed with one of the EU member-states.

The Police Inspectorate of Kosovo, an independent Kosovar Agency, is fully embedded in the Task Force and has access to the Task Force files.

Viti/Vitina town hall meeting tomorrow

The SRSG will address a town hall meeting in Viti/Vitina tomorrow from 11:00 hours. This is part of ongoing outreach efforts to address public concerns about the status proposal, its implications and the way forward for Kosovo.

UNMIK Countdown

The UNMIK Countdown press release this week is about culture, youth affairs and sports. Copies are available for you in the gallery.