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Kosovo: OSCE distributes children's books

(Pristina, 20 March 2000) - This week sees the start of a distribution project months in the making. The OSCE is delivering 10,000 children's books to schools across Kosovo.
The idea came to the OSCE's Representative on Freedom of the Media,Freimut Duve, almost a year ago. Tens of thousands of people were housed in refugee camps in Macedonia and Albania with nothing; families left everything they owned in Kosovo and their children lost their literature.

Duve decided to provide books for those children. Texts were selected and funding was found from the NGO, Capanamor. But by the time the books were printed the camps had emptied.

Now those books, boxed in sets of six with a play, poetry, short stories and two novels are going to the children for whom they were prepared. And instead of being handed out in the camps, the gifts will be given in the classrooms of Kosovo.