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From IOM Press Briefing Notes 28 March 2000
Working with the IOM medical team in Kosovo, a team of seven Swedish specialists arrived in Pristina to evaluate 120 complicated medical cases needing urgent treatment that is not available locally. The doctors specialize in cardiovascular, orthopedic & plastic surgery, oncology and ophthalmology. After assessing the needs and condition of the patients, IOM and the doctors will select those in urgent need and who will be transported to Sweden for treatment. The less urgent cases will be treated by Swedish medical teams that will travel to Kosovo to perform surgery in Pristina assisted by local doctors. This opportunity will provide not only urgently needed treatment for these patients but also training for local doctors and nurses. The IOM medical team in Kosovo makes the initial evaluation of the cases, then works in cooperation with donor governments to either to conduct medical evacuations or in some bring specialists, when possible, for treatment in Kosovo. This particular program is part of the IOM cooperation with the Swedish Immigration Board.

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