Kosovo: Letter dated 10 Sep 2008 from the UN SG to the President of the UN SC - Monthly report on KFOR operations (S/2008/600)

Pursuant to Security Council resolution 1244 (1999), I have the honour to transmit the attached report on the international security presence in Kosovo covering the period from 1 to 30 June 2008 (see annex).

I should be grateful if you would bring it to the attention of the members of the Security Council.

(Signed) Ban Ki-moon


Letter dated 20 August 2008 from the Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization addressed to the Secretary-General


Monthly report to the United Nations on the operations of the Kosovo Force

1 This report covers the period from 1 to 30 June 2008.

2. As at 30 June 2008, the total number of troops in theatre was 15,413. This number includes 2,216 troops from non-NATO countries.

Political situation

3. The North Atlantic Council agreed on 12 June 2008 to implement, with immediate effect, NATO's new tasks in Kosovo as agreed in the bridging directive for the Kosovo Force (KFOR) approved by Council on 15 January 2008.

Security situation

4. On 6 June 2008 in Suvi Do (Multinational Task Force North), 10 Kosovo Serbs fired 3 warning shots at 2 Kosovo Albanians who were working in disputed area. No one was injured.

5. On 5 June 2008 in Mogila (Multinational Task Force East), a Kosovo Albanian on motorbike pulled out a gun against 3 Kosovo Serbs. He departed without firing.

6. On 6 June 2008 in Pristine (Multinational Task Force Centre), security guards protecting the home of Prime Minister Thaci exchanged fire with individuals trying to break into the house. During the shooting, one Kosovo Albanian suspect was injured and detained by the Kosovo Police Service.

7. On 8 June 2008 in Miljcevi (Multinational Task Force West), two Kosovo Albanians were seriously injured when a civilian bus was shot at by an unknown suspect.

8. On 12 June, the municipal hub representative of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) for the Decani area was assaulted by three individuals as he entered his private residence. The UNMIK employee defended himself and sustained an injury to his head.

9. On 14 June 2008, a gunman of Serbian ethnicity, apparently under the influence of alcohol, attacked a Kosovo Police Service station in South Mitrovica and wounded a Kosovo Albanian officer of the Kosovo Police Service. The attacker himself was also injured when the officer returned fire in self-defence.

10. On 18 June 2008 in Zubin Potok (Multinational Task Force North), a Kosovo Serb opened fire with an AK-47 from a balcony on three Kosovo Serbs standing on the road. No injuries were reported. The assailant was reported to suffer from a mental illness.

11. On 18 June 2008 in Suvi Do (Multinational Task Force North), one Kosovo Albanian cutting hay in no man's land was removed by UNMIK police officers. Afterwards 10 Kosovo Serbs went in to the field and set the hay on fire.

12. On 20 June 2008 in Babaloc (Multinational Task Force West), a Kosovo Albanian was shot at in a drive-by shooting from an unknown vehicle with Serbian plates. No injuries were reported. In Leposavic (Multinational Task Force North), another drive-by shooting from an unknown vehicle against a Kosovo Roma house occurred. Bullets hit the individual's car and broke the back window but no one was injured. In Velico Rodare (Multinational Task Force North), a Kosovo Police Service patrol found a car on the road shoulder with one civilian dead. There were 18 bullet holes in the side of the car. Two Kosovo Serb suspects were detained by the Kosovo Police Service.

13. On 24 June 2008 in Novo Brdo (Multinational Task Force Centre), two Kosovo Albanians driving in a Serbian area were shot at by a Kosovo Serb suspect. No injuries were reported. In Gornje Obrinje (Multinational Task Force Centre), unknown suspects fired several shots at a store owned by a Kosovo Albanian. Only minor damage was reported.

14. On 28 June 2008 in Berivojce (Multinational Task Force East), approximately 50 Kosovo Serbs threatened workers building a mosque. The incident ended peacefully.

15. On 27 June 2008 in Svinjare (Multinational Task Force Centre), two Kosovo Police Service officers were fired at by unknown persons during a foot patrol, but sustained no injuries.

16. On 28 June 2008, commemorations of the battle of Kosovo Polje (Vidovdan day) took place without incident. The outgoing Serbian Minister for Kosovo and Metohija, Slobodan Sarnardzic, attended the commemoration at the Gazemistan Monument (Multinational Task Force Centre). He also attended a religious service at Gracanica Monastery and then opened the inaugural session of the Assembly of the Community of Municipalities of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija, in North Mitrovica. No incidents were reported.

17. During the reporting period, there were no significant acts of violence and threats against KFOR.

18. A total of 392 incidents were reported during the month of June, compared to 421 during the previous month. Out of the 392 incidents, 19 were related to drugs; 11 to counterfeit currency or documents; 33 to smuggling: one to explosions; 135 to miscellaneous criminal incidents; 104 to illegal weapons possession; 16 to weapons and ammunition seizures and 73 to unexploded ordnance.

KFOR operations

19. The overall posture of the Multinational Task Force has not changed in June. KFOR units continued conducting Kosovo-wide framework operations focused on maintaining a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement in Kosovo. Before 15 June 2008, the Commander of KFOR reviewed potential hot spots in the Multinational Task Force North area of responsibility and ordered that the force protection levels at gate 1, gate dog 31 and at the courthouse in North Mitrovica should be upgraded. No incidents were reported on 15 June.

20. On 19 June, the Joint Implementation Commission meeting between the Serbian Armed Forces and KFOR took place as planned in Rudare, Serbia. The synchronized patrols between KFOR and the Serbian Armed Forces were conducted as scheduled.

21. In the last week of June 2008, the number of manoeuvre units deployed in theatre was reduced by five companies. On 30 June, the British Operational Reserve Force Battalion finished its operational deployment to Kosovo. Shortly thereafter, the Czech Reserve company redeployed. To counterbalance these redeployments, the Commander of KFOR reinforced Multinational Task Force North with companies from other areas.

Compliance with the statement of principles of the KFOR Commander and UNMIK regulation 1999/8

22. The Disciplinary Board met on 18 June 2008 to discuss a total of seven cases, including six for unauthorized absence and one for unauthorized absence and weapon and ammunition regulation violation.

Kosovo Protection Corps

23. There was no recruitment campaign conducted in June 2008.

24. There have been no changes in June in the number and composition of both the active and the reserve personnel establishment lists.

25. A document on the firefighting capability of the Kosovo Protection Corps, including its firefighting equipment, has been drafted by the KFOR inspectorate. The document gives an overview of firefighting equipment within the different protection zones and states that there is a need for specialized training on different types of equipment. The main objective of the firefighting training is to enhance the awareness of the Kosovo Protection Corps and the authorities in Kosovo of emergency management. The after action review for the Kosovo-wide exercise conducted on 10 June 2008 revealed that improvements are needed in coordinating standard operating procedures, command and control, equipment, budgets and coordinated training. The recommendations for improvements will be presented in a formal letter to the Prime Minister's Office.

26. During the month of June 2008, 29 ceremonies involving 270 members of the Kosovo Protection Corps took place. No incidents were reported.

27. The date of 6 June 2008 had been set as the deadline for 28 suspended officers of the Kosovo Protection Corps to return to duty. Of these 28 officers, 8 are back to normal duty, 9 were dismissed and 11 cases are still uncertain. Coordinated planning in Pristina between the Ministry Advisory Team, the Military Civilian Advisory Division and the Office of the Coordinator of the Kosovo Protection Corps on its dissolution and the establishment of a Kosovo Security Force is ongoing. Four working groups have been established (structures; infrastructures and equipment; training and doctrine; and recruiting, screening and selection) in order to facilitate planning.


28. The security situation remained calm during the month of June, although a number of relatively minor incidents occurred across Kosovo, none of which have had any strategic impact. There were no threats against KFOR and the overall posture of the Multinational Task Force has not changed. KFOR continues to stand ready to deal adequately with unrest or violence.