Kosovo: Flash floods (MDRKV006) DREF Operation Final Report

Situation Report
Originally published


On 18 March 2013, CHF 147,193 was allocated from the Federation’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support the Red Cross Organizations in Kosovo in delivering immediate assistance to some 760 families (3,800 beneficiaries).

Summary: Due to heavy rainfalls in Kosovo that started on 14 March 2013 and lasted for more than 24 hours, many villages in several municipalities were flooded. The majority of these affected areas were situated in the rural and poorer part of Kosovo. Some families were isolated for some time due to the high water levels. The rivers that flooded were Drini I Bardhe, Klina, Bistrica, and Lushta. According to the information received from the Red Cross branches and emergency departments in the affected municipalities, an estimated 890 households were affected by the flooding.

The situation was also complicated by the fact that many families had to be evacuated and could not return to their homes as those were still under water. The flooding caused substantial damages to houses and personal belongings, casualties in livestock, damages to agricultural land and equipment.

A “lessons learned” workshop was conducted in May 2013 by the RC organizations in Kosovo. The objectives of the workshops were formulated to analyze the Red Cross organizations` response operation; and the preparedness and response capacities of the RC in regard to possible further crises.

A beneficiary satisfaction survey was conducted among the people who were assisted through the operation. During the survey a total of 200 families were interviewed in the majority of the affected areas. 25 volunteers and five Red Cross staff were involved in conducting the survey.

The operation was implemented over three months as planned.