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Kosovo : euro 62.5 million for economic reconstruction

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The European Commission has approved the commitment of euro 62.5 million in order to finance an economic reconstruction programme for Kosovo. The financing proposal is the result of a programming mission undertaken in September 1999 during which senior representatives of UNMIK presented their priorities for funding. The projects identified correspond to the main priorities of UNMIK and are designed to complement the on-going work of humanitarian agencies and NGO's as well as reconstruction programmes already underway. The funds will be used for : a public administration support programme, an infrastructure rehabilitation programme, economic development e.g. through pilot credit schemes, support for local elections and support in the setting-up of the Kosovo Protection Corps. The programme will be implemented by the EC Task Force in Pristina and subsequently by the Agency for Reconstruction once established and operational. These funds form part of an indicative budgetary allocation of euro 137 million for 1999 of which euro 52 million have already been committed.