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Kosovo Crisis Fact Sheet #140




One hundred percent of USAID/OFDA shelter kits and roofing packages have been distributed to provide for emergency shelter needs through the winter.

USAID/OFDA's shelter programs have benefited some 20,700 families (124,200 beneficiaries) through USAID/OFDA emergency shelter kits and 12,126 families (72,756 beneficiaries) through roofing packages. Beneficiary families have rebuilt approximately 6,752 roofs from USAID/OFDA roofing packages, amounting to 85 percent of the total repairs that will eventually be completed using USAID/OFDA roofing materials (some families are waiting for warmer weather to begin their repairs).

Safety and Security:

At least ten people have been killed since February 2 in violent incidents in Mitrovica that began when a UNHCR bus transporting 49 passengers was attacked by an anti-tank rocket 15 kilometers southwest of the town. Two elderly Serbs were killed in the attack and five other people were injured. Since the attack, eight Albanians have been killed in Mitrovica and 21 other people injured. UNMIK reports that the course of events that caused these deaths is still unclear. On February 3, grenades were thrown into a Serb cafe, injuring 15 people. UNMIK reported that a crowd then began breaking into ethnic Albanian homes in northern Mitrovica, where some 4,500 ethnic Albanians still reside. To date, some 400 - 500 ethnic Albanians have moved out of the northern part of Mitrovica.

On February 6, Special Representative to the U.N. Secretary-General (SRSG) Bernard Kouchner visited Mitrovica and met with UNMIK, KFOR, and local leaders to discuss the security situation and ways to end the violence. Kouchner stressed that UNMIK will not tolerate such extremism and will work hard to ensure that violent disruptions of the peace will not succeed in the end. Kouchner further emphasized that UNMIK will not abandon its strategy for a united Mitrovica and a Kosovo for all ethnicities residing within its borders. This strategy will initially require stepping up security measures in Mitrovica as well as other potential flashpoint areas, in an effort to ensure a secure environment. Kouchner further emphasized the need for employment, with opportunities designed so that all ethnic communities can work together in the same environment and thus slowly begin to re-establish confidence in each other. Such opportunities, according to Kouchner, need to be offered, but not forced upon people.

On February 1, Kouchner signed a resolution prohibiting the incitement of national, racial, religious, or ethnic hatred, discord, or intolerance. The regulation was passed for the purpose of maintaining public peace and order in the territory of Kosovo. The provisions of the regulation allow for imposition of fines and/or imprisonment depending on the level of the transgression.


According to UNMIK, four commercial airlines are currently operating flights into Pristina's Slatina airport: ADRIA Airways (Slovenia), Albanian Airlines (Albania), ADA Air (Albania), and Avioimpex (Macedonia). Several other airlines plan to begin flights into Pristina soon. In March, the airport will begin using instrument flight rules, which will create conditions more conducive to regular commercial routing.

Financial Details

The U.S. Government (USG) has provided more than $473 million in response to the Kosovo crisis since March 1998.

USAID/BHR: $216,293,000

OFDA: $133,227,000

FFP: $70,600,000

OTI: $12,465,665

DOS/Population, Refugees and Migration: $209,036,475

DOD: $47,949,000

TOTAL: $473,278,475