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Kosovo Crisis Deepens

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IRC Weekly Update
The fighting between Serb military and ethnic Albanians in Kosovo continues with grave consequences. Entire villages have been fired upon, and homes plundered and torched. As a result, several hundred civilians have been killed and about 300,000 people have fled their homes. Approximately 30,000 civilians are hiding in surrounding forests, unable to return home. In response, the IRC Serbia office purchased 100-liter plastic containers that were then filled with water and distributed to persons living in the hills. Water purification tablets, laundry detergent, soap, toilet paper,toothbrushes and paste, and pails are also being distributed.

Human rights and humanitarian organization representatives reported their findings at a September 11th meeting hosted by the IRC and the Women's Commission. Among the issues of major concern were distressing reports that women were approaching the Center for the Protection of Women and Children in Pristina asking that the Center take their infants so that they may be assured food, shelter, and protection.


Lorna Stevens, Director, Board Liaison and Special Projects