Kosovo Annual Report 2013 (MAAKV001)

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The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is supporting the Red Cross organizations in Kosovo to strengthen their organizational and operational capacity to carry out effective assistance and offer services to improve the situation of the most vulnerable people.

For 2013, the project areas supported in Kosovo were based on the priorities and capacities of the Red Cross organizations in Kosovo. All Federation-supported programmes in Kosovo are aligned with, and contribute to, the global aims of the IFRCs Strategy 2020 and the priorities of the Red Cross organizations. Derived from this, the IFRC Kosovo Offices specifically planned outputs and targets are aligned to the five Business Lines of the International Federation:

  • “To raise humanitarian standards”;
  • “To grow Red Cross Red Crescent services for vulnerable people”;
  • “To strengthen the specific Red Cross Red Crescent contribution to development”;
  • “To heighten Red Cross Red Crescent influence and support for our work”;
  • “To deepen our tradition of togetherness through joint working and accountability”.

The Red Cross organizations play an important role in strengthening local communities and developing civil society in Kosovo. In order to raise humanitarian standards, the Red Cross organisations have disseminated and promoted the fundamental principles and humanitarian values and integrated the same in all programme areas.

In order to grow Red Cross services for vulnerable people, the planned disaster management programme has been implemented with the aim to strengthen the organizations` capacity in disaster management for the Red Cross organizations in Kosovo.